Sunday, March 26, 2017

Free Printable Bingo

My kids love bingo it's fun and it easy for young kids as they simply have to match the pictures so I have created a variety of different themes. It's a great activity for a Sunday afternoon or birthday parties.

free printable bingo cards

Just click on the links below the cards to be taken to the original post so you can print them. And you can use whatever you want to mark them - cheerios, scraps of paper, bingo dabbers, crayons...

Jake Bingo

Lego Batman Bingo

free printable Moana bingo

free printable pets bingo

pokemon bingo

Sophia the First bingo

baby shower bingo

free trolls bingo

free zootopia bingo

If you would like a different theme of Bingo please leave a comment and I will get to it as soon as possible. They are fairly time consuming to make so I do ask that you share them and pin them in Return. ;)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Correcting Behaviour with Sticker Charts

Having children is a joy but it can also be difficult at times (well more often than not)- sometimes I feel like a professional moderator between my 3 and 5 year old. And sometimes I just feel at a complete loss of what to do during a full blown temper tantrum where everything in a five foot radius is being hurled at the wall (or me) with the speed closer to a professional pitcher than a 3 year old.

behavior sticker charts

Having a discussion with another mom at work about the daily struggles; she said she had implemented a sticker chart at home and when her son earned x amount of stickers he achieved a special weekend activity like going to the arcade or the movies.

And when I was exhausted one night (okay that's every night) with both kids crying that they didn't want to go to bed - I decided to try that sticker chart she had mentioned.

I drew a rudimentary chart with their names and the two tasks we struggle with the most; going to sleep by themselves - in their own bed and going to school in the morning without crying.

So I showed them the chart and explained it to them. If they get 7 stickers they get their choice of activity and if they get 14 stickers: a perfect week they get a large toy on top of the activity. I tried to set it up that they would get something even if we have some failures along the way.

My daughter decided she needed Shopkins stickers and Dylan needed Paw Patrol stickers, and we seem to have 3208 stickers in our house anyways so I was fine with that.

And with that my daughter started going to bed without a fuss! When she would start to get upset I would gently remind her of the sticker chart she would calm down immediately . I would make a big production of marking them off the next morning or when we got home from daycare/school without incident.

A few tips for success:

Choose a few behaviours that you want to concentrate on - you can slowly add more behaviours or tasks as you approve on the initial ones, and slowly faze other ones out.

Try to have the same tasks for each sibling if possible, this may not be feasible if their is a large age gap between siblings. My one child has a difficult time going to bed on their own and my other had a hard time ging to school without crying so I put both behaviours under each childs name so they can each earn atleast one sticker fairly easily.

Tell them the prizes at the beginning of the week, it doesn't have to be expensive but something that the child wants. You can give them a choice between a few options to keep it on budget.

Put the chart somewhere prominent - ours is on the front of our fridge. And give them the sticker when they earn it. If they go to bed without a fuss I will give them a sticker first thing in the morning.

I created a few sticker charts as I couldn't quite find any to meet my needs.

trolls sticker charts
 Trolls Mon - Fri Sticker Chart (2 kids)

Minions sticker charts

Moana Sticker Chart Mon - Fri (2 kids)

I understand that everybody has different needs - one children or eight, one task or five, Trolls or Minions. So I will try to make custom sticker charts as I have the time (unfortunately this blog is still a hobby) So leave a comment with # of children, days (Mon - Fri or Mon-Sun, etc.), number of tasks/behaviours per children and theme (Moana, Minions, Zootopia, etc) And I will make them as soon as I can for free, I just ask that you share them on social media in return. 

And I would also love to hear any of your own personal experiences which make sticker charts a success or what works (or doesn't work!)  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Moana food ideas

Here are ten Moana food ideas that would be perfect for you Moana themed party

Moana food ideas

Make your own Moana cupcakes with this recipe from Disney Family

Moana cupcakes

Get the recipe from Take Time for Style for these delicious Moana inspired white chocolate Oreos 

Moana party food

Get the recipe for these ute Moana jello treats from the Jersey Momma

Moana treats

Get the recipe to make these Heart of Te Fiti cookies from Paging SuperMom

Moana cookies

Pau Polka Dot Cupcake recipe from The Healthy Mouse

Moana food ideas

Moana Coconut Cereal Treats from a Night Owl Blog

Moana treats

Get the recipe for this Moana fruit punch from Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 

Moana punch

Get a Moana ispired healthy fruit dip recipe from Thrifty Jinxy

Moana birthday food

Make an easy Moana swirl cake from A Frugal chick

Moana birthday cake

Moana Colado Freak Shake from a Night Owl Blog

Moana drinks

And here is Everything you Need for a Moana birthday party

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Boss Baby Thank You Cards

Boss Baby is out in theaters and it is definitely on my list. It looks hilarious.

Free printable boss baby thank you cards

Boss Baby Thank You Cards

boss baby party

boss baby printables

"Thanks" I love how sarcastic this one looks...

boss baby party printables

Thank You!  Not really sure what this facial expression portrays...

I saved them to an 8 by 11 sheet of paper and you can print them and fold them in half and put a personal note in the inside. 

boss baby birthday ideas

Boss Baby Birthday Party

Everything you need for a Boss Baby Birthday

Boss Baby Birthday party

boss baby printables

Boss Baby invitations

Boss Baby cupcake toppers

Birthday Banner from The Iced Sugar Cookie

boss baby party banner

boss baby printable activity

Make your own Boss Baby magnets from DreamWorks

boss baby crafts

Party Favours: Boss Baby Notepads (6)

boss baby favors

boss baby gifts

boss baby party printables

And leave a link in the comments if you find any other boss baby party printables or posts, as I haven't been able to find that many yet. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pin the Tie on Boss Baby

I got a comment for suggestions for an activity for a Boss Baby themed 3rd Birthday party - I couldn't even find anything on Amazon so I decided to create Pin the Tie on Boss Baby.

Boss Baby party
Here is the Tieless Boss Baby - I resized it so it should be able to print it on an 8" by 11" sheet of paper, you can cut off the borders and glue it to construction paper for more stability. If you want it larger you can probably have it printed it off at Staples - let me know about the resolution of the image as I am not exactly sure.

Boss Baby game

Here are the printable Ties:

Boss Baby Activitiy
You can print them out, cut them out and have the kids write their names on it to see who is the closest. Although my kids don't like to be blindfolded for this game so pretty much everyone is a winner lol

boss baby party ideas

Let me know if you have any issues with printing it and hope the kiddos enjoy!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Moana Printables

We started watching Moana again last night... but my daughter had the flu so I barely seen any of it. One of these days I will watch the whole thing. That's how it always seems with kids movies I watch them 24 times before I see the whole movie. Oh well! I will probably get the chance, lol.

So here are some free printable Moana activities, you can do with the kids after the movie.

Moana Printable Activities

Free printable Moana bookmarks from All for the Boys

Free Moana Printable Activities

You can disign your own Kakamora with free printables from AnyTot

Get a Moana activity packet (18 pages) from Disney or gt the 40 page educator guide for grades 2 - 6

Free Printable Moana Activities

Free Printable Moana bingo

All for the boys also has a Moana memory match game

Free printable Moana games

and coloring pages

Moana coloring pages

Moana paper dolls by Cory found at SKGaleana

Moana paper doll

Make your own Moana Hexaflexagon with free printable from Kelly Stilwell

Moana paper crafts

Get these Kakamora Finger Puppets printables from Disney Inspired

Moana finger puppets

free Moana party games
Make HeiHei and Pau headbands as seen on Disney Family

Pau crafts

Moana origami lei necklace from SKGaleana

Moana necklace craft

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